MOTO-TRAC® 160 Series Track

MOTO-TRAC is an aluminum track for straight light-to-medium weight draperies. The track can be one-way draw or bi-parting. Unlimited center overlap can be specified as an option. The curtain machine is attached to the track channel and may be located at either end of the track (location must be specified when ordering). The machine is concealed by the drapery fabric. Curtain machine characteristics are similar to those of Tom Thumb® Model 872-MCS except that the limit switches are located at one end of the track. The curtain stops automatically at its fully opened and fully closed positions. 


  • If operation will be bi-part or one-way.

  • If system will be motorized or manual operation.

  • If the machine is located on the left or right side of the track.(Orientation is inside looking out the window) 

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