RIG-I-FLEX® 141R Curtain Track

ADC Model 141R is identical to Model 140 except that it is ENTIRELY STRAIGHT IN LAYOUT and No. 1403-B Live-End Pulley is used instead of No. 1403. ADC Model 141-R is equipped with No. 4237 Single Carriers and No. 1438 Master Carriers. 

Trim Chain Pliers
Price Ranges
Full Bulk:
20.90 20.900000000000002 USD
Wall Mount for 1.5" Nominal (1.9" O.D.) Pipe
Price Ranges
Full Bulk:
32.30 32.3 USD
Screw Pin Shackle
Steel Galvanized
Price Ranges
$17.85 - $24.65
Full Bulk:
0.00 0.0 USD