Fall Season Highlight - Great value on 54" BLACK DUVETYNE 12 OZ. FR fabric for $5.05

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       mesh, netting and vinyl

From opaque to transparent, silky to reflective, bright or dull; we know our fabrics and soft goods will catch your attention!

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curtain track and components

A full line of curtain track systems, hardware and curtain track components that work with any curtain style and multiple applications.

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Stage and studio Hardware

A wide selection of high quality hardware, rigging and installation accessories for stage, studio and arena applications.

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Motors and curtain machines

Curtain motors, hoisting motors and drapery motors designed for a variety of stage, studio, and industrial applications.

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portable Pipe & Base systems

Versatile collapsible portable curtain frames that allow you to install a temporary curtain or divide a space in a matter of minutes.

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Closeout & discount store

A variety of items at bargain prices. We know you will find these products useful, affordable and convenient.

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More than 50 years of experience

Service, commitment, passion, creativity and reliability. Let us help you materialize your vision. We are here to assist you!

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Custom manufactured Curtains & drapery

We specialize in custom fabrication for multiple applications

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Custom Sewing

Eye catching innovative and creative sewing solutions

118" Black Sound Shock® FR
26.20 26.200000000000003 USD
62" Eco-Poly Velour 22 oz. IFR
19.79 19.790000000000003 USD
126" Stage Felt Black - IFR
12.60 12.600000000000001 USD
PTS-2 Parallel Track Switch
1,135.46 1135.46 USD
#10 Jack Chain
0.51 0.51 USD
#4.5 Nylon Traverse Cord
0.24 0.24000000000000002 USD
1" P/S Magnetic Strip
2.50 2.5 USD
108" Coated Commando FR
18.20 18.2 USD
110" Stretch Commando FR
14.90 14.9 USD
1100A Curtain Track Channel
74.37 74.37 USD
1101 Single Carrier
3.24 3.24 USD
1109 End Stop
4.64 4.640000000000001 USD
1109IV End Stop
10.22 10.22 USD
1110 Removable End Stop
10.21 10.21 USD
1110IV Removable End Stop
18.43 18.43 USD
1124A Splicing Clamp
8.48 8.48 USD
1124IV Splicing Clamp
22.03 22.03 USD