Screw Pin Shackle

Steel Galvanized

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Galvanized Steel Screw-Pin Shackle

Screw the pin into position by hand for quick installation and removal. They're for use in low-vibration applications where the shackle remains stationary. 
Galvanized steel shackles have a thick coating for corrosion resistance.

  • 3/16" workload limit: 600 lbs.
  •  1/4"  workload limit: 1100 lbs.

The capacities listed are for vertical lifting only. As the lift angle changes from vertical, the amount of weight the shackle can lift is significantly reduced.


Size 3/16 in (0.48 cm) - 1/4 in (0.64 cm)
Material Zinc-plated steel
Kit Shackle & Threaded Pin