54" Crescent Velour 20 oz. - Pewter- IFR (SOLD)

54" Crescent Velour 20 oz. - Pewter- IFR (SOLD)

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These fabrics are commonly woven from natural and/or synthetic yarns and then topically treated with a flame retardant chemical so that the material meets fire safety codes.

                                                                                              ELEGANCE, DENSE PILE AND HIGH OPACITY.

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                                                                                              Extremely durable medium weight velour with dense deep matte finish pile that offers 99% opacity. While soft at hand, Crescent velour has the same rich look of 21oz cotton velour with all the added attributes of a synthetic fabric. Velour Crescent drapes and lights beautifully, requires virtually no maintenance and it has great sound and light absorbing properties. Recommended for contour curtains, traveler curtains and luxurious masking curtains for schools, churches, theaters and touring theatrical productions. Tear resistant and wrinkle resistant.

                                                                                              This fabric is also lab tested and rated for its acoustical properties:

                                                                                              Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC: 0.95 *
                                                                                              Sound Absorption Average SAA: 0.96 *
                                                                                              *Pleated with 100% fullness, nap down.

                                                                                              Crescent Velour meets the minimum requirements of flame resistance established by these tests:

                                                                                              • NFPA 701 – Small Scale

                                                                                              • NFPA 701 – Test Method#1

                                                                                              • California Title 19 

                                                                                              • SC-191- 53 Class1 California

                                                                                              • NFPA 260A/UFAC Class 1

                                                                                              • IMO a.471 (XII) – A.563(14) for Cruise Ships

                                                                                              • CAN/ULS-S109- 03 Canadian flame test for fabrics

                                                                                              • State of California – F-59901

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                                                                                              Piece Size Availability 9 Yards (8.23 m) - 23 Yards (21.03 m)