10'1"H X 40'W C.K. Green Screen - IFR (Sold)

10'1"H X 40'W C.K. Green Screen - IFR (Sold)

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These fabrics are commonly woven from natural and/or synthetic yarns and then topically treated with a flame retardant chemical so that the material meets fire safety codes.

                                                                                              Poly Muslin Green Screen Curtain IFR

                                                                                              Inherently flame retardant green screen curtain apt for TV and broadcasting studio applications. 
                                                                                              Brand new, unused condition. Curtain shows some fold lines and wrinkles that may require steaming or ironing.

                                                                                              Curtain details below:

                                                                                              • Dimensions: 10’1”high x 40’0”wide.

                                                                                              • Fabric: 128” Poly Muslin IFR.

                                                                                              • Color: Chroma Key Green.

                                                                                              • Flat finish (0% fullness, unpleated).

                                                                                              • Seamless construction (railroaded). Unlined.

                                                                                              • Top: 3.5” Jute webbing with grommets 12”o.c.

                                                                                              • Left side hem: 2” hem.

                                                                                              • Right side hem: 2” hem.

                                                                                              • Bottom: 6” lined chain weighted hem.

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                                                                                              Specifications for 10'1"H X 40'W C.K. Green Screen - IFR (Sold)

                                                                                              Piece Size Availability 10'1"H x 40'0"W (3.07 m x 12.19 m)