Model 500R Curtain Track

ADC Model 500-R curtain track is identical to Model 500 curtain track except that No. 5001-A neoprene-tired Ball-Bearing Single Carriers are used in place of the standard nylon-tired No. 5001 single carriers. 

ADC PATRIARC 500 series curtain track is ideal for heavy duty straight, curved and reverse-curved track systems. Used in very large and heavy curtain applications that require maximum strength hardware and operation of bi-parting and one-way draw curtains. This large aluminum I-Beam track can be reversed curved to create unusual and difficult bending designs that have been requested. Factory curved in most cases to a 2’ minimum radius. Equipped with ball bearing carriers, end pulleys and cable guides, Patriarc is one of the quietest tracks in the ADC curtain track line. 

Curved curtain track systems are inherently more difficult to operate manually than are straight curtain track systems. While Patriarc tracks are available for manual applications, we suggest motorizing curved applications of the track. For hand operation use No. 2866 Adjustable Floor Pulley.


5009 End Stop
6.32 6.32 USD
5023 Ceiling Clamp
6.64 6.640000000000001 USD
5024 Splicing Clamp
31.80 31.8 USD
5029 Cable
4.66 4.66 USD
5058 Cable Guide
67.10 67.10000000000001 USD
680 Pipe Batten Clamp
10.00 10.0 USD
7005TV HERCULES® curtain machine. 1 H.P.
8,001.18 8001.18 USD
MB4 Mule Block
102.24 102.24000000000001 USD
MB5 Mule Block
122.50 122.5 USD
Pipe Battens
5.20 5.2 USD
TC1 Trim Chain (3 links)
1.32 1.32 USD
TC2 Trim Chain (5 links)
1.46 1.46 USD