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Whether you need the right fabric for camera keying, a green screen backdrop, a blue screen curtain or a basic studio perimeter camera background curtain, our innovative fabric solutions will cover your project needs. We stock double sided fabrics, narrow materials and extra-wide materials that in many cases allow us to fabricate seamless backdrops. Our flame retardant and inherently flame retardant fabrics will ensure you are in compliance with state and local fire codes for added peace of mind. Purchase these fabrics by the yard, by the roll or allow us to fabricate your custom TV backdrop!

Click on the fabrics listed below for technical information, available widths, colors and pricing.

118" Black Sound Shock® FR
24.83 24.830000000000002 USD
118" Eco-Commando Black - FR
12.90 12.9 USD
120" CS Commando 12 oz IFR
21.50 21.5 USD
128" Poly Muslin 15 oz. IFR
11.90 11.9 USD
54" Black Commando 16 oz. FR
5.40 5.4 USD
54" Black Duvetyne 9 oz. FR
5.20 5.2 USD
54" Marvel Velour 21 oz. FR
15.70 15.700000000000001 USD
62" Eco-Poly Velour 15 oz. IFR
13.15 13.15 USD
62" Encore Velour 15 oz. DFR
13.40 13.4 USD
72" Cyc Cloth 16 oz IFR
8.98 8.98 USD
72" RB Cloth 17 oz. IFR
9.80 9.8 USD