Masking & Blackout Fabrics

Masking and blackout flame retardant fabrics are widely used for stage perimeter curtains and stage masking curtains like backdrops, wings, legs, side masking panels, borders, valances and skirts. Curtains made from masking fabric can hide stage equipment or divide a space, help control, absorb or block light or even improve the acoustical properties of a space when a heavy-weight porous masking fabric is used. Stage masking curtains can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the specific requirement. Some of these fabrics are also frequently used for auditorium window curtains and school cafeteria curtains, stage props and temporary curtains. Purchase these fabrics by the yard, by the bolt or allow us to fabricate your custom curtains!

Click on the links below for fabric technical information, available colors and prices.

108" Coated Commando FR
18.20 18.2 USD
118" Black Poly-Wool Serge - IFR
34.98 34.980000000000004 USD
118" Black Sound Shock® FR
26.20 26.200000000000003 USD
118" Eco-Commando Black - FR
14.90 14.9 USD
120" CS Commando 12 oz IFR
21.50 21.5 USD
126" Stage Felt Black - IFR
12.60 12.600000000000001 USD
54" Atlas Oxford Repp 18 oz. FR
11.20 11.200000000000001 USD
54" Black Commando 16 oz. FR
5.90 5.9 USD
54" Black Duvetyne 9 oz. FR
5.20 5.2 USD
54" Blackout Lining 9 oz. IFR
7.91 7.91 USD
54" Chevron Repp 15 oz - IFR
13.15 13.15 USD
58" Blackout Satin 12 oz. IFR
9.96 9.96 USD