Fall Season Highlight - Great value on 54" BLACK DUVETYNE 12 OZ. FR fabric for $5.05

Duvetyne and Commando cloth

Flame retardant Duvetyn and Commando fabrics –also known as Molton- are the most popular FR fabrics in the live event, production and film industry. Available in various widths, woven from 100% cotton, polyester-cotton blends or 100% Trevira CS polyester fibers, these affordable materials are used for a variety of applications and are a must have for all set, scenic and light designers. Check out our light, medium and heavy-weight options.  The most common applications for these versatile materials are light absorbing masking drapery, perimeter curtains, backdrops, TV and recording studio curtains, affordable pipe and base drapes, scenery flats and props. Purchase our fabrics by the yard, by the roll or allow us to custom fabricate your new budget-friendly flame retardant curtains!

Click on the products listed below for technical information, available widths, colors and pricing.

54" Black Duvetyne 9 oz. FR
5.20 5.2 USD
54" Black Commando 16 oz. FR
5.90 5.9 USD
2"x 60 yards black Gaffers Tape
15.68 15.680000000000001 USD
120" CS Commando 12 oz IFR
23.99 23.990000000000002 USD
118" Light-weight SF Commando 12 oz FR
16.40 16.400000000000002 USD
118" Light-Weight Duvetyne 9 oz. FR
11.20 11.200000000000001 USD
118" Eco-Commando Black - FR
15.39 15.39 USD
110" Stretch Commando FR
14.90 14.9 USD
108" Coated Commando FR
18.20 18.2 USD