Writers Boot Camp

Velour 25oz Flame Retardant curtains SILENT STEEL® 280 Series track

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. was contacted by Production Designer Doug Collum to provide theatrical-type curtains for the Writers Boot Camp studio in Santa Monica. We received preliminary drapery sizes to put together a "ball-park figure". After the project was awarded to us, a member of our experienced staff arranged for a site visitation to take final measurements and discuss installation details. The curtains were manufactured with 50% added fullness, with the fabric pleated into a shirr type pleat. The fabric used was a combination of Eco-Poly Velour 15oz IFR for the double-sided front window drapes, and Eco-Poly Velour 22oz IFR for the mirror side drapes. The fabric color of choice was Cypress.