SILENT STEEL® 280 Series Track

ADC SILENT STEEL 280 curtain track is the most famous name in heavy duty stage tracks. Model 280 steel is used in the majority of stage installations with heavy weight curtains of almost any length and is particularly quiet in operation. Models 281 and 282 can be used for heavier curtains. They are essentially identical to Model 280 except Model 281 is equipped with neoprene-tired ball-bearing carriers and Model 282 is supplied with nylon tired ball-bearing carriers. Both systems are equipped with larger diameter floor and end pulleys. 

The ADC 280 series is also available with a black finish (380) at additional cost. 

Can be motorized. ADC 280 Series tracks cannot be curved. 


•Approximate max curtain weight per foot of track: 20 lbs. 

•Maximum recommended track length (Bi-Part setup): 60 feet. 

•Carrier spacing: 12 inches. 

•Approximate curtain stacking space per foot of track: 2.4 inches 

(standard layout, based on average track length for individual track models) 

•Approximate assembly shipping weight: 4 lbs/linear foot. 

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