ADC CUBI-TRAC Model 110 cubicle curtain track is a silver anodized 16 gauge aluminum track system designed to subdivide bed areas in hospitals, convalescent homes and clinics. This versatile low profile curtain track system is also frequently used in walk-along applications for recording and rehearsal studios, schools, churches and virtually for any other application a sturdy and economical curtain track is needed. This compact curtain track system by Automatic Devices Company features pre-made 90 degree curves that allow for easy installation and enclosure of machinery and equipment in industrial areas and economical room dividers among other applications. 

The track channel can also be factory curved on a 12 inch radius to almost any layout desired and is used interchangeably in ceiling mounted and suspended installations.The two-wheeled carriers incorporate an exclusive "bumper- to- bumper" feature which prevents the wheels of one carrier from impeding the movement of adjoining carriers. The No. 1101 carriers also are equipped with a combination swivel-hook for increased durability and ease of operation. Carrier spacing is 6 inches on center.

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