BESTEEL® 170 Series Track

ADC BESTEEL 170 curtain track is the most famous name in medium-duty stage tracks. The ADC Model 170 track is used on the majority of stage installations with medium or light weight curtains with lengths up to about 40’. On slightly heavier installations ADC Model 171-N or ADC Model 171-R can be used. 

ADC BESTEEL Model 260 curtain track is identical to ADC Model 170 except special master carriers with extension arms are used to overlap the curtain at the center for a single track system. This track works well on spaced restricted installations where there is not enough room for a standard double track. 

BESTEEL Model 173, which is for “walk-along” cyclorama and gym divider curtains can be outfitted with pre-manufactured curved sections. 

NOTE: Cord operated ADC 170 and ADC 260 series tracks cannot be curved. Custom curves are not available for this track model. This track can be motorized. 

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