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7007TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 1 H.P.

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    7007TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 1 H.P.

    Lift curtain machine with electronic frequency control, and rated to lift a 200 pound load when connected to a standard cable type lift system. TV Variable speed lift machines are the most versatile of the ADC line. These machines provide all of the features of an intermediate lift machine plus user definable variable speed control, acceleration ramps, deceleration ramps, overload protection, low voltage control, emergency stop loops and a host of other features. In addition these machine allow the use of inverter duty 3-phase motors on single phase power sources. Machines are equipped with integral limit switches for deceleration and emergency over-travel, programmable frequency drive units, low-voltage control, and can be operated from any number of remote control stations (except speed adjustment if so equipped). Output drum is 6" diameter x 14" long and is grooved for 3/16" wire center cable. Maximum cable travel is 70'. Cable speed is 0 to 54 fpm. 

    Guard (ME-1) not shown. Required for ETL compliance. 

    These machines are not to be used for the lifting, supporting, or transporting of people. These machines should not be used to move objects over areas where people are present unless suitable safety devices are installed.


    Assures positive drive without cable slippage. Constructed of powder coated steel 6" diameter x 14" long. Coated wire-center cable must be used. Provides up to 70' of cable travel. 


    Furnished as either part of the motor (brakemotor) or inline with the motor and gear reduction unit. Helps to provide precise stopping in both directions. 


    Four-button type. Provide Stop\Start\Reverse control from any point of travel. No limit to the number of remote control stations that can be used. Two supplied with each machine, one fixed to the machine and one for use as a remote control. Speed dial at remote control station available upon request. 


    Provides Start/Stop/Reverse control for the machine. Compatible with most automation systems. LVCS Low Voltage Control System, 24 VAC standard. 


    Allows for user defined pre-set stops for the "Full Raise" and "Full Lower" positions. 


    Toggle switch which removes power to machine’s internal circuitry. 


    Automatic type helps protect machine, track and curtain against effects of accidental overload. Must be manually reset. 


    Built into some motors to help prevent possible damage to the motor due to overheating (furnished on some single phase motors only). 


    Prevents single phase motor from continuing to run in the same direction when the push-buttons are pressed at the same instant as the limit switch is tripped. 

    7007TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 1 H.P.

    Horsepower: 1 

    Volts: 120/220 (1 phase) - 208/230 (3 phases) 

    Phase: 1 or 3 

    Lifting speed: 0-54 fpm (variable) 

    Maximum lift capacity: 200 lbs. 

    Maximum cable travel: 70 feet. 

    Control Voltage: 24 VAC 

    Number of wires for remote control: 6 (plus ground). 

    Approximate dimensions: 38"L x 25"W x 19"H 

    Approximate shipping weight: 282 lbs 

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