Mega-Track Hanger Short
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1 yarda(s)
914.99 meter(s)
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Material: Steel - Aluminum
Peso: 1 lb
Kit: Gridlock half - track hanger - fasteners
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Mega-Track Hanger - Short

The Mega-Track Hanger makes it easy to hang 140 or 300 series track onto pipe grids, or from individual pipes. The Mega-Track Hanger Short hangs from the lower pipe of the grid and secures the track just 3/16 of an inch below the grid pipe. 

The Mega-Track Hangers use a Mega-Gridlock half to fasten over the pipe and secure from below with four 5/16" socket head screws. The Mega-Gridlock half has slots along the edge that act like a wrench to hold the four Nyloc nuts from turning during installation. Only a slight downward pressure with your fingers is required to hold a nut in place for installation. The track hanger slides over the track prior to placing the track in position. Support track approximately every 4 feet. 

Safe Vertical Working Load: 300 Pounds 

Hardware: 4 each 5/16" × 2" socket head Cap Screws and Nyloc Nuts 

Dimensions: 3.65 × 3.65 inches 

Weight: 1 Lb 

There are two versions of the Mega-Track Hanger, and the alternate Mega-Track Hanger Long hangs from the upper pipe of the grid and has an offset length from the track to the pipe the diameter of the bottom grid pipe plus 3/16 of an inch.