Properly maintaining your theater draperies will prolong their lifespan

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. offers off-site drapery cleaning and flame proofing services. The curtains will be removed from your facilities and brought to our shop for repair, cleaning and re-flame proofing as needed. Chemically made flame retardant fabrics will require the Flameproofing chemicals be reapplied after washing the fabric with a soap and water solution. 

The Flameproofing treatment is done by spraying the curtains with a Flameproofing chemical. The appropriate flameproofing product required for your curtains is determined by testing a sample of your material and or determining fabric yarn composition. Note that the FR chemicals may not adhere to some synthetic fabric blends, rendering the material not FR treatable. For that reason we recommend fabric samples are sent to us for testing.

Do you need a custom price quote? 

There are several variables that affect pricing and for that reason all jobs are custom priced. In order to get pricing we require some basic information as listed below:

  • Photos of your space showing drapery conditions, especially when there are tears and damages needing repairs.

  • Curtain quantities and dimensions (i.e: 2 curtains 20’ high x 30’ wide).

  • Curtain finish (flat or pleated).

  • Curtain layers (i.e: single layered or unlined, lined or self lined, 3 layers, etc).

  • Fabric types (i.e: CottonVelour face fabric, lined with cotton Denim lining).

  • Fabric width (i.e: Velour Memorable 54 inches wide).

  • Number of fabric panels sewn vertically (i.e: 5 panels of 54” wide Velour Memorable joined together making a curtain). 

Do you have questions or require assistance figuring this all out? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, assistance is only one phone call away!!


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