Summer Season Highlight - Extra Wide 120" POLY-COMMANDO 12 OZ IFR

Phoenix TV Live Studio. Irwindale, CA


All flame retardant curtains installed meet and pass NFPA701


Double set of ADC 142 Rig-I-Flex curtain track.


It is super easy to resize and/or duplicate each box.


S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc worked closely with Pacific Design Group and JRay Construction in the design, fabrication and installation of the new set of curtain tracks, track switching devices and TV studio backdrops. 

All flame retardant curtains installed meet and pass NFPA701, as stipulated by local fire codes. The studio equipment includes 4 large backdrops that run on a double set of ADC 142 Rig-I-Flex curtain track. The system is equipped with 90 degree curve sets for a continuous run and features heavy duty ball bearing 4201 single carriers for easy and quiet curtain operation. All 1400 I-beam style track was rigidly mounted to top and bottom grid pipes via Mega-Track hangers. Track channel was spliced together for a continuous run covering 4 walls and includes 2 ea. PTS2 switching devices to allow curtain user to move curtains from front track set to back track set. This setup facilitates curtain relocation as different curtain backgrounds are needed for filming and camera keying. 

Do you need studio pipe grids, custom curtain track or flame retardant curtain backdrops for your studio? Don’t hesitate to contact us!! We will be happy to assist you!

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