Fall Season Highlight - Great value on 54" BLACK DUVETYNE 12 OZ. FR fabric for $5.05

muslin and Scenic Fabrics

Scenic fabrics are used to fabricate stage and studio backdrops among other applications. When painting on a scenic fabric, oftentimes scenic artists use NFR fabrics and add an FR additive to the paint or apply a flame retardant chemical to the finish piece. Some of these fabrics are suitable for digital printing. Whether to project light, images or to create special effects, our scenic fabrics will catch your audience attention. Purchase these fabrics by the yard, by the roll or allow us to fabricate your new custom backdrop!

Click on the links below for fabric technical information, available colors, widths and prices.

118" Heavy-weight Canvas fabric FR
16.24 16.240000000000002 USD
122" Tendo Stretch - IFR
27.85 27.85 USD
128" Poly Muslin 15 oz. IFR
13.99 13.99 USD
Leno Filled Scrim 21' - 31' - FR
91.12 91.12 USD
Muslin Black 118" - NFR
8.80 8.8 USD
Muslin Black 126" - NFR
10.72 10.72 USD
Muslin Black 197", Extra-Wide, NFR
45.08 45.080000000000005 USD
Muslin Natural 118”-126” Wide, FR
6.76 6.760000000000001 USD
Sharkstooth Scrim Trevira CS Polyester - IFR
41.48 41.480000000000004 USD