Trim Chain Pliers

Trim Chain Pliers

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specialty pliers to trim curtain height

Do you need to adjust the height of your theater curtain?
Use these pliers to easily add, remove or replace trim chain on new or existing curtain carriers (single carriers, master carriers, and end pulleys).
Works with TC1 Trim Chain and TC2 Trim Chain. Can also be used to open small curtain S-hooks.

Constructed with a forged steel head for extra strength and durability.

Works with jack chain links that are up to 0.207" (5.3 mm) thick.

Overall length: 6-3/4" long.

Especificaciones: Trim Chain Pliers

Material Steel
Acabado Plated
Largo 6-1/4 in (15.87 cm)
Peso 5 oz