2638 Overlapping Master Carrier

2638 Overlapping Master Carrier

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2638 Overlapping Master Carrier

A master carrier designed for applications where a track overlap cannot be used. These carriers allow a single run of track to be use with the center overlap provided by the extention arms of the carriers. Please note that this is a fixed amount of overlap which may not be sufficient for tall curtains. Wheels are nylon-tired, ball-bearing equipped and are sealed and greased for quiet operation. Care must be taked to not apply too much torque to the extention arm if these carriers are used with walk-along track systems. It is suggested that a pull chain, rope or pole be attached to the carrier body for walk-along operations. 

Weight: 1 lb.

Especificaciones: 2638 Overlapping Master Carrier

Material Steel
Ruedas Nylon-tired ball-bearing
# de ruedas 6
Solapado 17 in (8-1/2” in front of 8-1/2")
Ancho 13 in (33 cm)
Peso 1 lb
Kit Single piece