579 Tom Thumb® Drapery Machine

579 Tom Thumb® Drapery Machine

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579 Tom Thumb® Drapery Machine

The ADC Model 579 Tom Thumb® drapery motor was designed as a versatile and economical solution for small residential and light commercial drapery track applications. Small in size and big in features, the Model 579 can operate tracks up to 20' in length and curtain weights up to 60 pounds. 

Track mounted limit switches provide positive end of travel signals and allow for a moderate amount of cable slippage. This machine also includes a built in timer to ensure that the machine will shut off even if the cord slips or breaks during operation. Incorporating features such as variable speed, user definable maximum and minimum speed settings and optional wireless remote control makes this one of the most versatile drapery operators on the market today.

Wheel drive machines are not recommended for applications involving curved tracks. 

Stop/Start/Reverse from any point of travel. Integral DC drive board provides variable speed (0 to 40 fpm) as well as pre-set maximum obtainable speed and minimum obtainable speed. 

Control voltage is 24 VDC. Standard control is from a 3 push button station labeled Open, Close and Stop. Any number of remote control stations can be used. Speed is varied from a dial located on the machine. Optional RF based wireless remote control (Model WRC-1) can be added.

DRIVE WHEEL: Aluminum N-grooved drive wheel designed to help prevent cable slippage. Wire center cable must be used with this machine. 

IDLER SYSTEM: Composed of ball-bearing equipped wheels which increase load capacity of the machine and help assure proper cable alignment. 

POWER CONNECTION: Connects to a standard 120 VAC receptacle. Note that if WRC-1 is used with this machine, 2 receptacles will be needed. 

LIMIT SWITCHES: Hard-wired magnetic track-mounted type. If the machine is not ordered with a track, brackets must be fabricated for attaching the limit switches to the track and the magnets to the track’s master carriers. Limit switch voltage is 24 VDC. 

OVERLOAD PROTECTIVE FUSE: Mounted to the machine and accessible from the outside of the machine. This device helps protect the machine, track and drapery against the effects of accidental overload. 

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Size is 4-1/2” wide (including mounting bracket) x 5-1/2” deep x 7’ high. Fits into a pocket 6” wide x 8” high. Weight is 9 pounds. Finish is black powder coat.

579 Tom Thumb® Drapery Machine

Power: 30 watts

Volts: 115

Phase: 1 (plugs into standard outlet)

Fixed cable speed: 30 fpm 

Maximum track length: 20 feet 

Maximum drapery capacity: 60 lbs. 

Control Voltage: 24 VAC 

Approximate dimensions: 5.5"L x 4.5"W x 7"H 

Approximate shipping weight: 9 lbs 

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Especificaciones: 579 Tom Thumb® Drapery Machine

Velocidad del cable 30 fpm (9.15 mpm)
Voltage del controlador 24 VAC
Maximo recorrido del cable 20 ft (6 m)
Número de conductores por control remoto
Fases 1 (standard outlet)
Voltios 115V
Alto 7 in (17.78 cm)
Largo 5-1/2 in (14 cm)
Ancho 4-1/2 in (11.43cm)
Peso 9 lbs.
Velocidad de apertura de cortina
Características clave Overload Protective Breaker - Limit Switches - Drive Wheel - Idler System - Power Connection - Multiple Remote Control Stations
Potencia 30 Watt
Tracción máxima del cable