Theater rigging safety is serious business and we can help you maintain, repair or replace your damaged stage rigging equipment.

Do you regularly inspect and maintain your stage rigging equipment? Can you tell whether you stage equipment is in safe working conditions? Are the equipment operators trained in the proper operation and handling of the rigging equipment?

Poorly maintained rigging equipment can pose a serious risk. Protect your investment by performing a periodical stage rigging inspection. Make theater safety a priority. This will help ensure your performers and theater equipment operator safety and will reduce your liability risk.

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. will send an experienced rigging technician to perform a thorough theater rigging equipment inspection and evaluation. Our technician will start with a visual inspection of the accessible parts of the rigging system components, which will help identify unsafe and hazardous conditions. The age, condition and proper equipment installation will be assessed. Functioning equipment will be operated and all pertinent information will be documented.

Once the onsite inspection is completed, a written report including photographs of damaged, unsafe or malfunctioning rigging will be prepared. The report will include recommended actions to improve rigging performance and/or suggested repairs or upgrades.

The duration of the rigging inspection and associated fees vary and with the extent of your theatrical equipment.

Annual inspections and maintenance are recommended to help prevent accidents and protect the integrity of your performers, faculty, students and audience.


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