Window Curtains

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. manufactures a variety of window curtains for diverse commercial applications. Our various curtain styles and finishes can be seen in auditoriums, conference rooms, theater spaces, store fronts, hotels lobbies and commercial buildings of all kinds. 

We make privacy window curtains, decorative window curtains, and acoustical window curtains. From a simple single layered sheer curtain to a multi-layered decorative acoustical solution with thermal insulation properties, we got you covered!

Additionally we fabricate blackout school classroom curtains, used to darken the space during classes, or just to block out sunlight. These curtains are also often used to provide privacy in the event of a school emergency. Because of the thermal properties of some of the drapery fabrics we carry, blackout curtains and darkening curtains help reduce the heating and air conditioning expenses, making the window drapes an important energy saving alternative.

Do you have questions or need help deciding which Room Dividing Drape would be most appropriate for your space?  

Please contact us to chat with one of our friendly sales representatives. We will be glad to answer all your questions!

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