RIG-I-FLEX® 140 Series Track

ADC RIG-I-FLEX 140 curtain track is a versatile I-beam track system which has been engineered for both curved (ADC Model 140) and straight (ADC Model 141) cord operated systems as well as for "walk-along" (ADC Model 142) systems. It was designed for medium weight curtains on stages and TV studios and for enclosing areas in industrial plants. Overall track length should not exceed 60' for split draws (bi-parts) or 40' for one-way draws. 

ADC Model 140 utilizes spindles and idler brackets (Not included in CWANA track pricing) for guiding the operating cord along the curved areas. The track can be curved on-the-job or at the factory (optional) to a minimum 2’ radius. 

This track cannot be used for reverse curved or serpentine layouts. 


  • Approximate max curtain weight per foot of track: 15 lbs. 

  • Maximum track length (Bi-Part setup): 60 feet. 

  • Carrier spacing: 12 inches. 

  • Approximate curtain stacking space per foot of track: 1.8 inches (standard layout, based on average track length for individual track models) 

  • Minimum radius for curved sections: 24 inches (2 feet). 

  • Approximate assembly shipping weight: 2 lbs/linear foot. 

ADC manually operated cord-drawn curved tracks require more effort than straight tracks. Therefore, motorized systems should be used, especially where sharp curves are involved. 

NOTE: For more satisfactory track operation, the track must be solidly anchored to an overhead structure surface mounted with ceiling clamps. Pipe backbones are recommended for suspended systems. 


A scaled drawing or template must accompany each inquiry or order for ADC model 140 RIG-I-FLEX® curved tracks. Only in this way can the required number of spindles and idler brackets be quoted or supplied. When ordering, advice whether the track is to be ceiling-mounted, suspended or wall mounted. 

The ADC 140 series is also available with a black finish at additional cost (240).

Related parts and components for the 140 curtain track system are listed below, including pricing and specifications. 

For more details on other models within the ADC 140 series or for walk-along operation, click on the links listed on the left column. 

1400 Curtain Track Channel
143.74 143.74 USD
1402 Master Carrier
79.46 79.46000000000001 USD
1402A Master Carrier with Overlap Arm
134.74 134.74 USD
1403 Live End Pulley
74.24 74.24 USD
1403F Flying Live End Pulley
88.54 88.54 USD
1404 Dead End Pulley
52.90 52.9 USD
1404A Dead End Pulley
52.58 52.58 USD
1407 Lap Clamp
17.34 17.34 USD
1407A Lap Clamp
19.04 19.04 USD
1408A Threaded Rod Hanger
3.18 3.18 USD
1409 End Stop
13.66 13.66 USD
1423 Ceiling Clamp
10.86 10.86 USD
1458 Spindle A
39.44 39.44 USD
1459 Spindle B
25.82 25.82 USD
1460 Idler Bracket
21.20 21.2 USD
1460A Idler
47.06 47.06 USD
1483 Track Wall Bracket
82.28 82.28 USD
1713 Pipe Clamp
8.22 8.22 USD