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Fall Season Highlight - Sound Shock 26 oz. Sound Absorbing Fabric

Velour & Velvet Fabrics

Fire retardant velour and velvet are often the fabric of choice for venues of all kinds around the globe. We stock a variety of flame retardant woven velour and knitted velour from both cotton and synthetic yarns. Because of its rich pile, heavy velour is popular alternative to absorb light and sound. On the other hand, a light weight velour or velvet fabric has a soft hand and features a shorter and softer brushed pile that makes it ideal for decorative curtains like swags, austrian curtains, contour curtains and tableau curtains. Purchase these fabrics by the yard, by the roll or allow us to fabricate your new theater drapery.

Please click on the links below for available color selection and technical information on our flame retardant and inherently fire retardant materials. We know you will love our fabrics! 

54" Charisma Velour 25 oz. IFR
22.48 22.48 USD
54" Crescent Velour 20 oz. IFR
17.95 17.95 USD
54" Imperial Velour 32 oz. IFR
28.76 28.76 USD
54" Magic Velour 32 oz. FR
22.00 22.0 USD
54" Majestic Velour 25 oz - FR
19.10 19.1 USD
54" Plateau Velour 13 oz. IFR
13.80 13.8 USD
54" Prestige Velour 25 oz. IFR
21.50 21.5 USD
54" Princess Velour 16 oz. FR
12.30 12.3 USD
54" Royale Velour 32 oz. IFR
28.50 28.5 USD
62" Eco-Poly Velour 15 oz. IFR
12.25 12.25 USD
62" Encore Velour 15 oz. DFR
13.40 13.4 USD
64" Encore Velour 22 oz. IFR
19.40 19.400000000000002 USD
54" Memorable Velour 25 oz. FR
17.00 17.0 USD
54" Marvel Velour 21 oz. FR
15.70 15.700000000000001 USD