Sound Absorbing and ACOUSTICAL Fabrics

Our high quality, lab tested acoustical sound absorbing fabrics are ideal for soundproofing curtains and acoustical drapery for music halls, auditoriums, theaters, houses of worship, churches, TV studios and recording studios among other applications. These thick and porous heavy-weight materials will not only help dampen sound, but will also help control echo and sound reverberation.  Purchase our fabrics by the yard, by the roll or allow us to custom fabricate your sound dampening curtains or multi-layered acoustical room divider. 

Click on the products listed below for technical information, available widths, colors and pricing.

118" Black Poly-Wool Serge - IFR
34.98 34.980000000000004 USD
54" Charisma Velour 25 oz. IFR
22.48 22.48 USD
54" Crescent Velour 20 oz. IFR
17.95 17.95 USD
54" Magic Velour 32 oz. FR
22.00 22.0 USD
54" Plateau Velour 13 oz. IFR
13.80 13.8 USD
54" Prestige Velour 25 oz. IFR
21.50 21.5 USD
54" Royale Velour 32 oz. IFR
28.50 28.5 USD
54" Memorable Velour 25 oz. FR
17.00 17.0 USD