Architrac® 94003 Series Curtain Track

Use this aesthetically pleasing walk-along curtain track for Pinch Pleated or Ripplefold curtains.
Kirsch Architrac 94003 curtain rods are made of Aluminum and are available in White and Black colors.

• Assembled sets include all necessary components.
• Walk-Draw operation with a baton (max wand/baton length is 60 inches).
• Heavy-duty wheeled carriers for Ripplefold™ curtains or ball bearing carriers for Pinch pleated curtains.

• Can be curved or bent (template needed).
• Wall or ceiling mount available.
• Multiple draw options available.

Kirsch Architrac 94003 drapery rods are custom-made and are not returnable. 


• For one-way draw systems, provide curtain stack side (curtain parked position when opened).

• A template is required to do custom curving. Pricing is determined based on number of curves and complexity of the curves. Crating is required to ship curved tracks.

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