Sunaz Recreation Center, auditorium curtains.


Chenille Velour IFR, lined with Poplin Lining IFR.


The track system was refurbished with new moving parts. New curtain motor.


Swag valance with accented fringe enhances the look of the proscenium.


S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. manufactured and installed the new auditorium stage curtains and rigging for the Sunaz Recreation Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The stage was furnished with a motorized front set that includes a bi-part main traveler curtain and a swag valance with gold bullion fringe applied to the bottom edge. The fabric provided for the main curtain was Chenille Velour IFR, lined with Polyester Lining IFR. The existing curtain track system was refurbished with new high-quality components and automated with a new drapery motor. The stage drapery set also includes six pairs of masking legs, four masking borders, and a rear traveler curtain, all made from synthetic Velour Crescent 20oz IFR. In addition to the full curtain setup, we repaired all existing curtain rigging and replaced all chain hang points on tracks and pipe battens to make the stage rigging safe, reliable, and trouble-free for years to come.

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