TRIPL-I-TRAC® 420 Series Track

ADC 420 TRIPL-I-TRAC is a heavy-duty I-beam curtain track consisting of four flanges designed to support heavier-than-usual curtains. It is recommended for curtains too heavy for 140 series curtain track systems used on stages, TV studios and gym divider installations. ADC model 420 curtain track is used in corded curved applications and utilizes Spindle and Idler brackets (charged as extras) for guiding the operating cord along curved areas. The track channel can be curved in the field with the use of a Bending Tool, or at the factory. 

NOTE: Model 420 track system cannot be used for reverse curved or serpentine layouts. 

ADC Model 422 curtain track is used for walk-along applications where the operator walks the curtain open and closed. No cables, cords, or pulleys are used with this type of system. The track can be curved in the field with the use of a Bending Tool, or at the factory. When ordering, advise whether the track is to be ceiling-mounted, suspended or wall mounted. 

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