Ripplefold Tape
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5 yard(s)
914.99 meter(s)
Minimum Purchase Required: 5 Yard(s)
Material: Nylon
Piece Size Availability: 100 Yards (91.44 m)
Thickness: 0.043 in (1.09 mm)
Fabric color: White
Size: 1 in (2.54 cm)
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The Ripplefold tape is sewn to the top backside of the curtain or drapery fabric and then connects to the curtain track carrier of glide of your choice (i.e: BTX motorized track, Kirsch track, etc.)
White nylon tape, 1" wide with snaps spaced every 4.25 inches. Used for 60, 80, 100 and 120 percent fullness carriers and glides.

Fits all Kirsch Ripplefold manual and cord drawn track carriers and motorized BTX Ripplefold curtain track carriers.

TIP: The more fullness used on the curtain, makes for a greater stack area when the drapery is in the opened position and the smaller the pleat (ripple) size.
The less fullness you choose, the less stack space required and wider the pleat (ripple) size.

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