9507TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 5 H.P.

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    9507TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 5 H.P.

    Hercules® Model 9507TV is the most powerful lift machine of the ADC line. Equipped with electronic frequency drive control, this machine provides versatility and protection for the most demanding lift applications. The 9507TV machine offers a multitude of parameters that can be programmed in the field to meet almost any project requirement speed, maximum obtainable speed, acceleration ramp time and deceleration ramp time are easily changed right at the drive. The machine is also equipped with deceleration limit switches which allow the machine to gradually decelerate to a stop, dissipating inertial energy rather than abruptly stopping at the end of its travel. The machine does feature emergency overtravel limit switches and fast stop push buttons which bypass the deceleration ramp and shut the machine off immediately in the event of a problem during operation. The operation of these machines is Start/Stop/Reverse/Fast Stop from any point of travel and low voltage controls is standard. If versatility and power are a requirement, the Model 9507TV is an excellent choice. Maximum cable travel: 55 feet.

    Guard (ME-1) not shown. Required for ETL compliance. 

    These machines are not to be used for the lifting, supporting, or transporting of people. These machines should not be used to move objects over areas where people are present unless suitable safety devices are installed.


    Assures accurate travel and eliminates problems associated with pile-on type drums. Constructed of painted steel 6" diameter x 14" long, grooved for 1/4" cable. Output support flange bearing eliminates shaft deformation under maximum rated load. Provides 55 feet of cable travel. 


    Furnished as an integral part of the motor (brakemotor) this device helps provide precise stopping in both directions of travel. Brake is mechanically engaged at zero voltage (power off).


    Four-button type. Provide Stop/Start/Reverse/Last Stop control from any point of travel. No limit to the number of remote control stations that can be used. Two supplied with each machine, one fixed to the machine and one for use as a remote control. 


    Provides electronic control of the 3 phase inverter duty motor used to power the machine. The drive allows for user definable parameters of operation such as: run speed, maximum obtainable speed, minimum obtainable speed, acceleration ramp time and deceleration ramp time. The drive also provides protection for overcurrent, undervoltage, loss of phase, etc conditions. Drives can be programmed via the inputs on the face of the drives. 


    Rotary cam type mechanical limit switches allow for user defined pre-set stops (decelerated) for the "Full Raise" and "Full Lower" positions. The limit assembly is also supplied with emergency overtravel limit switches which bypass the control's deceleration ramps and shut the machine off immediately. 


    This device automatically protects the machine, track and curtain against effects of accidental overload due to mechanical or amperage overloading of the machine. This device is also used to remove power from the machine. This device must be manually reset. 

    9507TV HERCULES® lift curtain machine. 5 H.P.

    Horsepower: 5 

    Volts: 208/230 (3 phases) 

    Phase: 3 

    Lifting speed: 0-54 fpm (variable) 

    Maximum lift capacity: 1200 lbs. 

    Maximum cable travel: 55 feet. 

    Number of wires for remote control: 6 

    Approximate dimensions: 47"L x 33"W x 40"H 

    Approximate shipping weight: 350 lbs 


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