Models 502 and 502-R Walk-Along Curtain Track

Model 502(602) is for walk-along operation only. This track system is recommended for stage cyclorama installations where it is necessary that the operator walk the curtain to its opened and closed positions. No cord or pulleys are supplied with “walk-along” tracks. No. 5002-A(BL) Master Carriers and No. 5008-A Hanging Clamps (or No. 5023A Ceiling Clamps) are used instead of No. 5002(BL) and No. 5008. Model 502-R is identical to Model 502 except that No. 5001-A(BL)neoprene-tired Ball-Bearing Single Carriers are used in place of the standard nylon-tired No. 5001(BL) single carriers. 

These tracks are also available with black finish at additional cost (602 & 602-R series). 

TC2 Trim Chain (5 links)
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THREADR Hanging Bracket for threaded rod
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