143 MTWS Motorized Two-Way Switch

143 MTWS Motorized Two-Way Switch

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143 MTWS Motorized Two-Way Switch

MOTORIZED TWO-WAY SWITCHES can be used in locations where it is impractical or impossible to use a positioning pole due to extreme height, obstructions, or inaccessibility. Motorized operation is presently limited to Models 503, 423, 143 and 133.


  • Standard devices are designed for switching to either left-hand or right-hand from center.

  • Switching direction must be specified when ordering. Left and right-hand designation is determined from a plan view perspective. Switching mechanism is for manual operation of "walk-along" I-Beam tracks of ADC manufacture only. 

  • Device can be installed at any location desired. Switches cannot be used with flush-mounted tracks unless a recess is provided in the ceiling to accommodate the mechanism. 

  • Device must be rigidly mounted and care must be taken not to bend the mounting plate or slide it out of alignment. It can be mounted directly to a suitable base if "L" type brackets are used on both the switch and the track channel along with standard track hanging clamps. 

It can also be hung from pipe batten, but it must be securely bridled.

Specifications for 143 MTWS Motorized Two-Way Switch

Side Left - Right