FF6 Flameproofing Chemical

FF6 Flameproofing Chemical

Super Strength Liquid Concentrate

Full Bolt: $95.0
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Minimum Purchase Required: 1 Yard(s)
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Use this pre-measured liquid concentrate for natural fibers. Best choice for unfinished muslins, scrims, cotton, rayon, viscose, and silk.
Just fill with warm water, mix, and apply.
Comes in a convenient 5-gallon bucket with 11.6 oz of concentrate, and if properly diluted FF6 will cover 1000-1500 square feet of fabric.
It's the most economical flame retardant you can buy!

*Please note that the actual packaging may vary from that pictured.

Package Weight (pounds): 5-Gallon - 14.8

  • FDNY REG. #5524

  • CAFM Reg. # C38