Whether the curtain track is for a theater stage, TV or recording studio, home theater or auditorium windows, S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. carries a full line of curtain track systems, hardware and track components that work with any style of curtain, or application. We are proud to be a member of the ADC (Automatic Devices Company) Dealer Network. For over 90 years the name “ADC” has been synonymous with quality curtain track products, durability and smooth and dependable operation. We are also dealers with BTX Window Automation, and we carry a great selection of economical BTX motorized curtain track for smaller scale projects such as home theaters, window curtains and small stages. 

By answering the following simple questions, our experienced sales people will be able to help you determine what is the most appropriate curtain track for your needs and make recommendations:

  • Is the track for a straight section or a curved section?

  • Is the track cord operated or walk along (drag along, no cord)?

  • If it is cord operated, do you need motorization?

  • What will the track attach to? (ceiling mount, suspended or wall mount)

  • What is the size of the curtain?

  • What is the curtain made of?

  • Approximate curtain weight?

Are you confused about which curtain track system would work best with your application? No worries, you can download our curtain track selector guide, or contact us for guidance. 

Download our curtain track selector guide

For more information on our curtain track systems, drapery motors and TV studio hardware, you can also download the full ADC catalog. Here you will also find specifications and technical information. 

Download the full ADC catalog

Our curtain track systems come with detailed installation instructions and can be installed for straight, curved or serpentine operation as illustrated below:

1754 Curve (60º, 24” radius)
366.40 366.40000000000003 USD
1755 Curve (45º, 24” radius)
367.13 367.13 USD
1783 Wall Bracket for Model 1700 track
132.70 132.70000000000002 USD
17A Rotodraper® Pivot Device
192.14 192.14000000000001 USD
2" S-Hook
0.41 0.41000000000000003 USD
2160 Sash Cord
0.29 0.29000000000000004 USD
2165 Floor Pulley
20.74 20.740000000000002 USD
2200 Curtain Track Channel
110.91 110.91000000000001 USD
2201 Single Carrier
16.21 16.21 USD
2202 Master Carrier
33.18 33.18 USD
2202B Master Carrier
41.62 41.620000000000005 USD
2202BT Tandem Carrier
38.03 38.03 USD
2202L Leg Master Carrier
90.66 90.66000000000001 USD
2202T Tandem Carrier
28.70 28.700000000000003 USD
2203 Live End Pulley
54.42 54.42 USD
2204 Dead End Pulley
44.90 44.900000000000006 USD
2208 Hanging Clamp
18.83 18.830000000000002 USD
2209 End Stop
0.78 0.78 USD
2209W End Stop
5.79 5.79 USD
2224 Splice Clamp
8.28 8.280000000000001 USD