Cathedral High School Broadcasting Studio


Custom curved track and STUDIO drapeS

The RIG-I-FLEX® 142 curtain track was custom curved on site and rigidly supported from overhead structure with threaded rod and specialty clamps. We used  54" CRESCENT VELOUR 20 OZ. IFR Black, and 120" CS COMMANDO 12 OZ IFR for the green and grey studio curtain. 

Studio before the drapery addition


Opposite side of the room

 The 142 walk-along track was spliced together as a continuous track, allowing the set of curtains to travel all around the room in a 360 degree direction. 

Dual track system 90 Degree curves

 We used a dual track system to allow versatility to position curtain from the front to the rear using a track switch system.  The RIG-I-FLEX® 142 curtain track can take shape to handle 90 degree curves. 

Green on Black Backdrop


White and Green Curtain Wide curtain view




Installation Video


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