Redding School of The Arts. Motorized Stage Curtains


Encore Velour 22oz Inherently Flame Retardant


171-N Besteel curtain tracks powered by 2917 curtain machines.


Room divider & act curtain. Indoor and outdoor use.


S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. worked closely with Gifford Construction in the design, manufacturing and installation process of the new school theater curtains and motorized curtain tracks for the outdoors school amphitheater. The curtains were manufactured from Encore Velour 22oz Inherently Flame Retardant, and sewn into box pleats with a 50% added fullness. The 171-N Besteel curtain tracks were custom installed by the use of special mounting plates and threaded rod bars. In the same way, the No. 2917 IN-LINE curtain machines were solidly anchored by the use of custom square plates, strut bars and threaded rods. All curtain motors were wired by on site electricians to operate from keyed controls located on the 3 stages, as well as remote operation from control booth

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