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Pipe and Base - Pipe and Drape

Pipe and base assemblies are portable frame-sets used throughout conventions, trade shows and exhibit booths. These versatile collapsible frames allow you to create custom partitioning in a matter of minutes. Pipe and base systems can be combined with a variety of light weight drapery panels, and we are positive our fabrics will add an exquisite touch to any exhibit booth.

Pipe and Base - Pipe and Drape

S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. can fashion your booth to match with your existing décor, to help you achieve an impeccable presentation.

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More about Pipe and Base - Pipe and Drape:

Standard Uprights
Standard uprights are vertical drapery supports, factory made to a standard pre-set height. These economical curtain supports are easy to store, light in weight and have no moving parts, attribute that makes them very durable and easy to use. Standard upright bars have clear anodized coating that...
Adjustable Uprights
Adjustable uprights are collapsible drapery supports. These telescopic vertical supports come in different lengths, allowing the user to adjust the drapery height as needed. Standard adjustable upright bars have clear anodized coating that keeps drapery clean. Also available with black anodized f...
Telescopic Drape Supports
Telescopic drape supports are collapsible aluminum bars equipped with special hooks at both ends. These telescopic bars serve as horizontal support for portable drapes. Telescopic curtain support bars are available in various lengths in two-piece assemblies and three-piece assemblies. Standard su...
Base Assemblies
Base assemblies are flat metal plates with a vertical removable pin, used to secure and support portable drapery assemblies, also known as pipe and base sets. These bases come in a variety of sizes and weights that can be matched with the corresponding upright bar and telescopic drape support. Al...
Column Covers and Curved Drape Supports
Curved drapery supports and column covers are used for applications on which a regular crossbar does not serve the purpose, and in many cases are combined with our standard-straight drapery support bars, adding a decorative touch to your display. Please click on the links below for more information.

Pipe and Base - Pipe and Drape related Parts:

815 Fixed Standard Upright815 Fixed Standard Upright
Standard upright with fixed length. Equipped with two sets of (4) slots, posi...
B814 Base Assembly (6 lbs.)B814 Base Assembly (6 lbs.)
Zinc-plated steel base plates for rust protection and long trouble-free life....
TS58 Adjustable Upright. 5' - 8'TS58 Adjustable Upright. 5' - 8'
Two piece telescoping upright with adjustable length, manufactured from heavy...
TDS58 Telescopic Drape Support. 5' - 8'TDS58 Telescopic Drape Support. 5' - 8'
Telescopic crossbars used as horizontal drapery support, allowing for easy se...
301010 Curve Drape Support301010 Curve Drape Support
This curved drape support is non adjustable, and it comes on a three-piece se...
301034 Column Cover. 4' circle.301034 Column Cover. 4' circle.
Two-piece curved column cover ideal to mask-away unfinished building columns,...
Filled Studio and Film Sand Bag. 15 lbs.Filled Studio and Film Sand Bag. 15 lbs.
Heavy-duty saddlebag style sandbag commonly used for film and studio grip and...
$41.17  $35.00
Filled Studio and Film Sand Bag. 25 lbs.Filled Studio and Film Sand Bag. 25 lbs.
Heavy-duty saddlebag style sandbag commonly used for film and studio grip and...
$48.23  $41.00

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