Home Theater Blackout Curtains


Eco-Poly 22oz velour and Blackout lining 


Custom curved track


Back-lining curtains for blackout effect and UV rays protection, sound deadening.  


This was a home theater project that requested a blackout curtain effect as well as sound control.  We used Eco-Poly 22oz velour for the front face of the curtain and a UV resistant blackout lining fabric for the back side.  Natural sunlight was hitting the window so we wanted to use a back lining that would help combat curtains fading over time.  A custom curve track was manufacture and wall mounted.  Due to a off-center sliding door we accommodated the dimension of the curtain to open and close with this custom center point.  Each drapery sewing project is custom made and is therefore given individualized attention. The name of S&K Theatrical Draperies has been known for over 50 years for its quality products, craftsmanship and dependability.

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