Bernstein High School Broadcasting Studio


 RIG-I-FLEX® 242 walk-along curtain track system. Black anodized finish


A double-track system allows the curtain user to set multiple backgrounds.


S&K Theatrical Draperies, Inc. worked closely with general contractor Golden Sun Firm in the design, manufacture and installation of the TV Studio I-Beam type track system and seamless backdrop curtains. 

For this project we used the RIG-I-FLEX® 242 walk-along curtain track with black anodized finish. Track was solidly mounted to the wall with No. 1483 double track wall brackets. 

All three backdrop curtains were made seamless from Poly Muslin Inherently Fire Retardant fabric. 

The TV-studio backdrops feature heavy duty reinforced top, tripled-stitched to jute webbing. Side hems were double sided with face fabric, reinforced with jute webbing and grommeted every 12". Curtain bottom hems include a separate built-in canvas chain pocket, which keeps the fabric taught for a wrinkle free finish. 

Do you need a heavy duty curtain track system or a high quality curtain backdrop your TV Studio? Please contact us We'll be more than happy to assist you!!

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