Cyclorama / Muslin drop

A cyclorama, also known as “cyc”, is the largest single piece of scenery in the theatre.
It consists of a vertical surface which is used to form the background for a theatrical type setting, usually made of heavy flame retardant fabric drawn tight to achieve a smooth, flat surface. It usually represents the sky or suggests limitless space.

Cyclorama / Muslin drop

As seams tend to disrupt the smooth surface of the cyclorama, we recommend it is made from seamless extra-wide Muslin Flame Retardant; but when on a reduced budget a more economical choice is a cyclorama made with seams.

Another great fabric alternative is the synthetic Poly Muslin IFR or the extra-wide Trevira Muslin IFR .

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Cyclorama backdrop Natural Muslin FR fabric.

Cyclorama backdrop Light Grey Muslin FR fabric.

Cyclorama backdrop Light Blue Muslin FR fabric .

Cyclorama backdrop Black Muslin FR fabric.

Cyclorama backdrop Trevira Muslin IFR fabric.

Typically, a cyclorama is tied up to a pipe batten while an additional pipe is tied to the bottom hem to achieve a smooth-tight fabric surface. Occasionally, when there are stage space restrictions, a cyclorama can travel on a one way draw BESTEEL® 170 Series curtain track, a SILENT STEEL® 280 Series curtain track, or on curved configurations the I-Beam type RIG-I-FLEX® 140 Series curtain track will allow to store the cyc parallel to the stage side wall. The option of traveling a cyclorama on a track is not as popular since leaving the cyclorama on the stack position for a long period of time, can cause wrinkles that can distort the smooth effect provided by the seamless surface.

Please contact us if you need help choosing the right scenic fabric or stage curtain track for your application; or visit our curtain track selector guide for more information.

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